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About us

Poker Face is a modern decentralized poker room with a network structure, prompt and confidential input and output of funds based on blockchain technology.

The team of the project for more than 10 years in the field of gambling and entertainment industry, more than 3 years is developing software for electronic poker tables. Successfully implemented projects for electronic poker tables, bingo, online casinos.

The mission of our project is to create a decentralized online poker room that users can trust. In modern online casinos and poker rooms, a centralized random number generator (RNG) is used, which is exposed from outside. Those. the owner of the online resource can influence the process and the result of the game, having access to the server and the program code. This system causes mistrust on the part of users. It is often said that the system is "twisted" or "bloody" in card games. Decentralized system and Blockchain technology solve this problem.

In addition to user confidence, the project is competitive due to prompt and anonymous input and withdrawal of funds. You do not have to enter all your passport details upon registration and wait for weeks for your winnings!

We plan to conduct ICO in 2 stages. Everyone can use Poker Face tokens in the online poker room to play with other players and then trade for Bitcoins, Ethers or Fiat. In addition, all owners of tokens will receive dividends from each collected bank. The commission of the poker room (rake) will be from 1 to 5%, which will be distributed among investors after deducting the operating expenses of the platform.

ICO will be held in several stages:


The collected funds will be used to implement the global marketing strategy Poker Face and to research and develop and conduct an advertising company ICO project.


The collected funds will be used to develop their own blockbuster based on the Ethereum code, the development of the poker room, the massive advertising company of the poker room. Poker Face will start accepting Poker Face tokens as a game currency, with which you can invest in a player, play with other players or exchange for other crypto currencies.